Risaikuru (Recycle)

By Jon Gann

Risalkuru (Recycle) explores flowers created through repetitive patterns of recycled materials — glass and plastic bottles, cans, and paper. When first used, they are a thing of beauty, designed for a specific purpose. However, once used, they lose their luster, and evolve into trash. Reclaiming the beauty of these forms is a rebirth — similar to the annual rebirth of the District, notably marked by the blooming of the cherry blossoms.

See this sculpture at 3200 Pennsylvania Ave. SE (Shops at Penn Branch).

Jon Gann

Washington, DC

Jon is a multi-disciplinary artist living in the Penn Quarter area of DC. He has written films, plays, musicals, and books; created works in glass, fabric, ceramics; and designed multiple public art installations. Over his career, he has opened an advertising agency, started multiple film festivals, consulted with dozens non-profit organizations, and been the Executive Director of multiple arts organizations in the District and beyond.