Embark on a journey 100 years into the future to an overdeveloped metropolis where nature’s resilience takes center stage.

Inspired by the annual cherry blossom season and utilizing the power of creative technology, Renewal 2121 seeks to inspire hope amid a global pandemic and concerns of climate change.

Renewal 2121 presents a possible future 100 years from now, if humanity’s growth and expansion goes unchecked. As visitors explore ARTECHOUSE DC’s four galleries, they will traverse through a cyberpunk cityscape, an interactive market, bustling alleyways and an abandoned rooftop, finding nature blooming in the most unexpected places amidst this industrial future. This science fiction aesthetic is intentional —the imagined worlds of our future and advancements in science and technology often inspire one other.

The installation’s inspiration also celebrates three themes of renewal —the city, nature, and ourselves.Paralleling the constant rebirth of cities through human innovation and nature’s adaptive resilience, Renewal2121 coincides with both the blooming season and the beginning of the calendar year. The forward-looking energy of new hopes, dreams and actions that these cycles bring is part of the core message of this multi-sensory experience, along with the critical challenge that we face together as global citizens: climate change. Focusing specifically on the extinction element of climate change and presenting “sakura” or cherry blossoms as a symbol for nature as a whole, Renewal 2121 aims to inspire people to harness their energy towards finding solutions that will ensure a brighter future.