28th National Japan Bowl

The National Japan Bowl is a Japanese language and culture competition for high school students. Come observe students from across the country test their knowledge in this fun quiz competition!

The Japan Bowl is a national Japanese language and culture competition developed and sponsored by the Japan-America Society of Washington DC (JASWDC) in 1992. TheJapan Bowl tests the achievements of high school students throughout the United States who are studying Japanese. It goes beyond language and culture by testing students’ knowledge of Japanese culture, history, geography, and current events. The 28th National Japan BowlThe Japan BowlA 2017 survey of Japan Bowl alumni revealed that 90% of respondents wanted to live, work, or study in Japan in the future. 15% of them have already achieved that goal. Many cite their participation in the Japan Bowl as inspiration for them to continue pursuing the language. For the students, Japan Bowl is enjoyable…and challenging. Nearly 70,000 high schoolers across the UnitedStates study Japanese as their foreign language. The Japan Bowl exists to recognize and encourage these students. For questions and inquiries regarding the National Japan Bowl, please contact the director of the Japan Bowl, Nancy Marsden, at nmarsden@jaswdc.org.