National Cherry Blossom Festival

Still Blooming Luncheon at the University Club

Join a discussion about First Lady Helen Taft and travel writer Eliza Scidmore, whose collaboration a century ago led to Tokyo gifting Washington D.C. with flowering cherry trees. Moderator Ann McClellan, and speakers Patricia Taft and Diana Parsell will provide unique family perspectives and research findings, creating an insightful and engaging conversation with audience participation encouraged.


What began with a gift in 1912 at the Tidal Basin is a four-week extravaganza spanning Washington, DC, and neighboring communities in Maryland and Virginia. From exciting events to convenient hotels, delectable Cherry Picks restaurants, vibrant Art in Bloom installations, and a jaw-dropping City in Bloom to joyful Petal Porches, see the Washington, DC area, as you can only see it once a year!