Gift of Trees

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Activity 1: Blossom Maze
→ Download the maze and find the path to get to the other side of the blossom.

Activity 2: Nature Scavenger Hunt
→ Go outside, look for each item on the list, and put a checkmark beside each item when you find it!

Activity 3: Cherry Blossoms of Smithsonian Gardens
→ Take a springtime walk through the Washington, DC cherry blossoms and learn about several different types of ornamental cherry trees in the Smithsonian Gardens Tree collection. Download the crossword puzzle to test what you learned!

Activity 4: State Flowers Coloring Activity
→ Smithsonian Gardens has created coloring pages of all the State Flowers. Download the DC State Flower coloring page here or choose any state flower from this map. Click, print, read about the flower, and then color the state flower. Create a bouquet of state flowers and share it with a friend.

Activity 5: Exploring the Parts of a Cherry Flower
→ Join us for an up-close look at the parts of a cherry flower. Dr. Susan Pell from the United States Botanic Garden showcases the flower morphology of a higan cherry (Prunus subhirtella).

Activity 6: Cherry Blossom Viewing over the Centuries
→ Immerse yourself in the history and culture of sakura with a new video series from the Library of Congress. Three short videos highlight Cherry Blossoms in Japanese Culture, Tokyo’s Gift of Friendship, and Enduring Traditions of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Activity 7: The Science Behind Flowers
→ We’ve all seen the flowers changing color from soaking up water but did you know that happens in nature, too? Let’s take a look behind the science of color changing flowers! The Science Behind Flowers focuses on capillary action, pH of soil, and native vs nonnative plants. This video includes a science demonstration of hydrangeas absorbing soil of different pHs and reacting to different colors.  After viewing the video, try this Walking Water Activity to see capillary action at work!

Activity 8: Don’t Pitch It, Plant It Activity
→ Let Smithsonian Gardens show you how to grow new plants from kitchen food scraps.

Activity 9: Sustainably Greening Your Indoor Habitat
→ In this video, Smithsonian Gardens presents some ideas for using sustainable practices when bringing plants into your home.

Music & Performance

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Activity 1: How to Make a Taiko Drum
→ TAIKO is an ancient style of Japanese drumming that is still popular today. Taiko drums are traditionally large, but actually come in all sizes. They are played with drumsticks, known as “bachi.” Learn to make your own!

Activity 2: DC Public Library’s DIY Musical Instruments
→ Let’s play! Learn how to make musical instruments using things you can find at home in the video below.  Print out the directions to follow along.

Activity 3: Library of Congress’s Performance by the Shigeyama Kyogen Troupe
→ Watch a Kyogen play performed by the Shigeyama Kyogen Troupe in the Library’s Coolidge Auditorium. Kyogen is a genre of traditional Japanese theater, more than 500 years old, that offers brief comic plays that are often performed as interludes between Noh dramas.

Activity 4: Mark H Taiko’s Taiko Without Drums – Matsuri Rhythm
→ This interactive lesson in simple taiko rhythms is meant to get kids up and moving in the fun tradition of festival music. No taiko (drum) required!

Activity 5: Cosplay Transformation
→ Watch NCBF Goodwill Ambassador Mallory Vaughan as she transforms into Mari Ohara!

Blossom Kids Home

Words & Numbers

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Activity 1: Japanese Flashcards
→ Have fun learning simple words in Japanese!

Activity 2: Let’s count in Japanese!
→ Learn how to count in Japanese while identifying the number of cherry blossom (sakura) trees around the Tidal Basin with NCBF Goodwill Ambassador Rika Kaneshige.  Color the trees with this fun printable!

Activity 3: Showing Respect in Japanese from Planet Word
→ Do you greet all the people you know in the same way? Learn from Planet Word’s Japanese language ambassador, Mariko, as she teaches us to respectfully greet people in Japanese.

Activity 4: Smithsonian Gardens’s Habitat Exhibit
Visit seven online exhibits to learn about various habitats, then download accompanying crossword puzzles to test your knowledge.  Go straight to the Bug B&B Habitat crossword here.

Activity 5: Word Searches from the Japan Information & Culture Center
 Complete three fun word searches all around Japanese culture!
Sheet 1: Japanese Expressions
Sheet 2: Cherry Blossoms
Sheet 3: Games & Fun

Activity 6: Cherry Blos-sums
Try out some math equations with cherry blossom fun facts!

Activity 7: Cherry Blossom Word Search
Search for eight blossom words by looking across, up, or down the rows.

Blossom Kids Home

Sports & Fitness

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Activity 1: DC SCORES’s Create your own SOCKer ball at home!
Ready to play but don’t have a soccer ball at home? Make your own ball just like Messi and Ronaldo grew up playing with. Check out our guide to make your own ball!

Activity 2: JICC’s Rajio Taiso Workout
→ Rajio taiso, or radio calisthenics, is a popular warm-up workout in Japan with over 90 years of history! Learn a bit more about the importance of rajio taiso and try it with our friends from the Japan Information & Culture Center!

Activity 3: Girls on the Run-DC Movement Mix

→ Join Girls on the Run-DC for a fun 5 minute workout! All you need is a safe space to move and a positive attitude. The workout is fun for all ages and includes movements that can be easily modified for all levels.

Activity 4: DC Retro Jumpers/Double Dutch 4 Fun

→ Remember Double Dutch? DC Retro Jumpers/Double Dutch 4 Fun is bringing back that exciting feeling with a fitness twist! Great cardiovascular workout for the whole family! All you’ll need is your face mask, proper shoes and jump into your biggest childlike ambition! Watch DC Retro Jumpers from their appearance at the 2019 parade.  They had a JUMPING good time!

Activity 5: Helmet Fit with Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Learn how to fit a helmet correctly for biking or scootering!


Activities 6-8: Washington Wizards basketball drills 
→ Join Jr. Wizards coach Shannon Clancy as he talks through and demonstrates some essential skills on the court: the 1-2-3 Triple Threat, Ball Handling, and Form Shooting.


Blossom Kids Home

Arts & Crafts

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Activity 1: Coloring Page
Color the blossoming cherry blossom tree!

Activity 2: Color Our Collections: Japanese Woodblock Prints
→ The Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Division houses more than 2,500 Japanese woodblock prints and drawings. Color these outline examples of animals, people, and landscape scenes then compare your work with the original.

Activity 3: Asian Art at Home: Japanese Landscapes
→ Let the wonder and the beauty of the museum come to you!  Explore Japanese art with educators from the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery with these three lessons.  Each lesson features guided looking at Japanese art and an art-making component.

Activity 4: Puppet-making Workshop with Puppeteer Sam Koji Hale
→ Dive into the world of puppetry and make your table-top puppets inspired by bunraku, Japanese puppet theater, with filmmaker and puppeteer Sam Koji Hale, the director of the animated puppet film Yamasong.  Watch Sam’s workshop below then download print at home puppet patterns here and here.  

Activity 5: Cherry Blossom Painting for Kids
→ In this video lesson, Art House 7 demonstrates how kids can make a simple and beautiful cherry blossom painting with just a few supplies: white paper, basic watercolors, and a permanent marker.

Activity 6: JICC Tries It! Sakura Kirigami
→ You may have heard of origami, but have you heard of kirigami? Learn more about this Japanese craft and learn to make your own sakura (cherry blossom) kirigami with the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC), Embassy of Japan! 

Activity 7: Origami Flower Craft with Ms. Victoria and Ronald McDonald House
→ Learn how to fold beautiful origami flowers from materials around your house to celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival or whenever you want the feeling of spring!

Activity 8: Paper Petals
→ Cherry Blossoms represent spring and new beginnings. Celebrate the start of a new season by making your own cherry blossom flower out of recycled materials!

Activity 9: Tissue Paper Kite “Stained Glass”
→ Fly a kite in your own window with this “stained glass” kite made from tissue paper, construction paper, and yarn, courtesy of Petal Porch Parade How-To Artist Carolyn Sewell.

Activity 10: Coffee Filter Blossom
Create your own cherry blossoms at home using coffee filters and pipe cleaners with Petal Porch Parade How-To Artist Emily Paluska.

Activity 11: Recycled Blossom Art
→ Finally, a second use for plastic grocery bags from Petal Porch Parade How-To Artist Beth Baldwin! Create a blossom using a bag or two, a pipe cleaner, and a button.

Activity 12: Fireworks Salt Art
→ Learn how to make Fireworks Salt Art with the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s Event Manager, Ashley Depew.  Download the written instructions here.

Activity 13: Shaving Cream Fireworks Paintings
→ Learn how to make Shaving Cream Fireworks Paintings with the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s Event Manager, Ashley Depew.  Download the written instructions here