Arts & Crafts

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Activity 1: Coloring Page
Color the blossoming cherry blossom tree!

Activity 2: Color Our Collections: Japanese Woodblock Prints
→ The Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Division houses more than 2,500 Japanese woodblock prints and drawings. Color these outline examples of animals, people, and landscape scenes then compare your work with the original.

Activity 3: Asian Art at Home: Japanese Landscapes
→ Let the wonder and the beauty of the museum come to you!  Explore Japanese art with educators from the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery with these three lessons.  Each lesson features guided looking at Japanese art and an art-making component.

Activity 4: Puppet-making Workshop with Puppeteer Sam Koji Hale
→ Dive into the world of puppetry and make your table-top puppets inspired by bunraku, Japanese puppet theater, with filmmaker and puppeteer Sam Koji Hale, the director of the animated puppet film Yamasong.  Watch Sam’s workshop below then download print at home puppet patterns here and here.  

Activity 5: Cherry Blossom Painting for Kids
→ In this video lesson, Art House 7 demonstrates how kids can make a simple and beautiful cherry blossom painting with just a few supplies: white paper, basic watercolors, and a permanent marker.

Activity 6: JICC Tries It! Sakura Kirigami
→ You may have heard of origami, but have you heard of kirigami? Learn more about this Japanese craft and learn to make your own sakura (cherry blossom) kirigami with the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC), Embassy of Japan! 

Activity 7: Origami Flower Craft with Ms. Victoria and Ronald McDonald House
→ Learn how to fold beautiful origami flowers from materials around your house to celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival or whenever you want the feeling of spring!

Activity 8: Paper Petals
→ Cherry Blossoms represent spring and new beginnings. Celebrate the start of a new season by making your own cherry blossom flower out of recycled materials!

Activity 9: Tissue Paper Kite “Stained Glass”
→ Fly a kite in your own window with this “stained glass” kite made from tissue paper, construction paper, and yarn, courtesy of Petal Porch Parade How-To Artist Carolyn Sewell.

Activity 10: Coffee Filter Blossom
Create your own cherry blossoms at home using coffee filters and pipe cleaners with Petal Porch Parade How-To Artist Emily Paluska.

Activity 11: Recycled Blossom Art
→ Finally, a second use for plastic grocery bags from Petal Porch Parade How-To Artist Beth Baldwin! Create a blossom using a bag or two, a pipe cleaner, and a button.

Activity 12: Fireworks Salt Art
→ Learn how to make Fireworks Salt Art with the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s Event Manager, Ashley Depew.  Download the written instructions here.

Activity 13: Shaving Cream Fireworks Paintings
→ Learn how to make Shaving Cream Fireworks Paintings with the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s Event Manager, Ashley Depew.  Download the written instructions here