Music & Performance

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Activity 1: How to Make a Taiko Drum
→ TAIKO is an ancient style of Japanese drumming that is still popular today. Taiko drums are traditionally large, but actually come in all sizes. They are played with drumsticks, known as “bachi.” Learn to make your own!

Activity 2: DC Public Library’s DIY Musical Instruments
→ Let’s play! Learn how to make musical instruments using things you can find at home in the video below.  Print out the directions to follow along.

Activity 3: Library of Congress’s Performance by the Shigeyama Kyogen Troupe
→ Watch a Kyogen play performed by the Shigeyama Kyogen Troupe in the Library’s Coolidge Auditorium. Kyogen is a genre of traditional Japanese theater, more than 500 years old, that offers brief comic plays that are often performed as interludes between Noh dramas.

Activity 4: Mark H Taiko’s Taiko Without Drums – Matsuri Rhythm
→ This interactive lesson in simple taiko rhythms is meant to get kids up and moving in the fun tradition of festival music. No taiko (drum) required!

Activity 5: Cosplay Transformation
→ Watch NCBF Goodwill Ambassador Mallory Vaughan as she transforms into Mari Ohara!

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