Each year an artist is chosen to create the highly sought after collectibe Festival artwork. We are delighted to showcase the diverse creations inspired by the beautiful blossoms throughout the years. Current artwork and a few limited quantites of older designs are  available in our online store and a portion of all proceeds benefit the Festival.

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2020 artwork by artist Matt Long

Festival Posters (2019 - 2010)

Our posters have provided sentimental value to people years after coming to visit the Washington DC cherry blossoms.
Their bright colors and whimsical designs through the years still capture emotions of renewal and friendship today!

2019, Simon Bull

Simon Bull is a two-time winner of the prestigious U.S. National Association
of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) Print of the Year award; recipient of the NALED Medal of Honor for services to the art industry, and has been the official artist of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and of the U.S. Winter
Olympics, as well as the 2019 National Cherry Blossom Festival!

2018, Maggie O'Neill


Maggie O’Neill is an artist, designer, and creative entrepreneur based in Washington, D.C. Her work is inspired by local landscapes and cultural icons, her travels abroad, notable women, and fashion. Maggie is best known for her iconic pop impressionistic paintings of iconic Washington, D.C., landmarks and people, like her “Pop Capitol” and “Flynn’s Jefferson Memorial.”

2017, Lawrence Atoigue

Lawrence “Naturel” Atoigue’s work quickly rose to recognition in today’s
contemporary art scene. His illustrations are a futuristic blend of pop and cubism, with a surrealist twist. Working directly with Jay-Z
on iconic apparel designs, he has also served as a Creative Collaborator for global campaigns ranging from brands like Crooks & Castles to Nike.

2016, Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns’ illustrations are fun, whimsical and thought provoking. His unique digital technique results in vibrant and richly detailed pieces that still boast a very hand-made quality. His areas of expertise include editorial, advertising, children’s illustrations. His work has been exhibited in
New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

2015, Jing Jing Tsong

Tsong’s illustrations combine traditional printmaking and digital techniques to create vibrant compositions of color, pattern and texture. Patterns incorporated add layers of meaning and cultural context, enhancing the power of each  image. Her work has been recognized
by multiple international design publications.

2014, Evelia Sowash


Combining commercial art savvy and a traditional fine art education to create modern compositions, Evelia Sowash reinterprets patterns found in nature into sleek lines and rich textures that are specifically designed to easily mix and harmonize with today’s current trends in fashion and interior design. The versatile compositions create a harmonic, calming, and inspiring mood.

2013, Eric Abel

Erik Abel has experienced commercial and gallery success, fueled by his painted and graphical expressions of culture and nature.  Inspired by his love of the ocean, passion for surfing, and fervor for travel, Abel’s art articulates the spirit of the water and the awe of nature.

2012, Peter Max

Peter Max is a German artist known for his unique brand of rainbow-hued prints and paintings, synonymous with the spirit of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Employing painterly strokes, his illustrations always incorporate a wide spectrum of colors and patterns.

2011, Michael Gibbs

Michael Glenwood Gibbs worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in a telecommunication firm’s graphics department before embarking on a career as a freelance illustrator. In addition to a full-time illustration career, he has been involved in printmaking, mezzotints, etchings, letterpress, and creating handmade artist’s books.

2010, Junko Yamada

Junko endeavors to introduce and share aspects of Japanese life and culture through her works. She approaches her work in a happy and cheerful mood, employing great detail, she typically uses thousands of small pieces from a wide variety of papers to complete each art piece. Most of her works are in multi-color, while some portraits are in monochrome.

   2009, Carol Tomasik

Carol creates art in several mediums, including drawing, clay, and encaustic painting.  Her large-scale drawings may be in graphite or colored pencil.  Dreamlike images, rich with patterning, invite the viewer to form their own interpretation as to its meaning.

2008, Jim Starr
Jim Starr gained valuable illustration experience at Eucalyptus Tree Studios in Baltimore, from 1984-1988 and has been self-employed ever since. Today, Jim primarily illustrates electronically, but also continues to work in tradition techniques. “My goal in every assignment is to work closely with the designer/art director to come up with a conceptually strong and well-designed illustration.”

2007, Phyllis Saroff

Phyllis Saroff works from Annapolis, Maryland as a freelance illustrator. She specializes in natural science and children’s illustrations. Her work has appeared in books and magazines and her paintings of wildlife have are used in outdoor displays in wildlife management areas across the country. She has a background in fine art and portraiture that is incorporated into her illustration work.

2006, Ann Marie Williams
Ann Marie Williams is an award-winning fine artist and illustrator. She is a northern Va. native and fine arts and painting continue to be her passion. Her work is very expressive and incorporates acrylics, collage, and oil pastel or caran d’arche crayons to achieve varied textures. She uses a very strong sense of color, line and movement.

2005, Joan Lok

Joan Lok is an artist and educator committed to creating artwork as a passage to harmony, diversity and international cultural understanding.  Born in Hong Kong, Joan came to America in 1983 after winning an international cultural exchange scholarship sponsored by the Walt Disney World.

 2004, Jerry Arnold
Arnold is a graphic artist with a focus in acrylic and oil painting. Today he designs and produces art, graphics and large-scale displays for the military. With a true understanding of visual arts, Arnold knows that in our world of sensory overload, there is a difference between trendiness and timeless, classical design. “To be effective,” he says, “a design must be distinctive while quickly and accurately communicating its message.

 2003, Sarah Roulston
Roulston starts every design problem with a pen, paper, or on a whiteboard and prefers her Wacom pen to a mouse. In addition to print, she often shoots everyday images with a Cannon 60D and her favorite part of the design process: team brainstorms.

 2002, Sucha Snidvongs
Sucha Snidvongs is a conceptual and skilled designer with focuses in print design. In her 8 years experience, designs are also on going with web.

Diane Corea, 1998
Diane Corea’s design firm, Corea Communication, specializes in publications, web graphics and graphic design. Her clients include The Kennedy Center and the Annenberg/CPB Projects for which she regularly designs. She recently consulted on the logo and interstitials for their new digital channel.

Jocelyn Boblink, 1997

Jocelyn Boblink is a freelance fine artist, marketing communications consultant with experience in print and web design, and digital media strategies. Her experience includes detangling social media marketing knots, copywriting, watercolor illustration, board management, K-8 art curriculum development, commerical and residential interior design, font design, and Photoshop manipulation.

Jim Siemer, 1996
Jim Siemer is a freelance artist who specializes in watercolors, political satire and graphic arts for the tourist industries and hails from the state of Ohio.

OGilvy, 1992
Then 10-year Ogilvy PR Group veteran Marcia Silverman took over as head of the Washington, DC office, and the name was changed to Ogilvy, Adams & Rinehart. O&MPR; Ogilvy, Adams & Rinehart; and Adams & Rinehart were consolidated into a single company doing business as Ogilvy, Adams & Rinehart. The agency opened its first offices in China in 1995, in Shanghai and Beijing. In 1998, Ogilvy, Adams & Rinehart was renamed Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR).

T. Chesterfield, 1990

Festival Pins

National Cherry Blossom Festival pins have commemorated experiences in the nation’s capital for many years, each featuring different intricate designs. They serve as a great addition to hats, jackets, t-shirts, and much more! The National Cherry Blossom pin program benefits the Trust for the National Mall’s Cherry Tree Endowment, which ensures the flowering cherry trees are sustained for future generations to enjoy.





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