Cherry Hunt

Cherry Hunt is an interactive experience for communities and festival-goers to connect with local restaurants and taste spring like never before. During this highly anticipated month, locals, tourists, foodies, and more will scatter throughout DC and the surrounding areas to visit our selected Cherry Pick restaurants. They will have the opportunity to try out new foods, interact with each other in real-time, and share springtime dishes and drinks.

How to join a Goosechase Experience

  1. Download the Goosechase App
  2. Once in the app, choose to play as a guest, create an account, or log in
    • We recommend you create an account 
  3. Search for the Cherry Hunt Experience or enter the unique join code
    • The game code for this experience is CHERRY
  4. Click the ‘Let’s go!’ button
  5. Turn on your push notifications
    • This will be crucial in completing missions
  6. Choose your username, add a profile picture, etc 
  7. Once the game goes live, complete missions
  8. Have fun!

Weekly Themes

Week 1 Theme: Toast To Spring – Kick your spring off with a delightful drink cocktail or mocktail at one of our Cherry Pick locations.

Week 2 Theme: Spring Into The Night – Be on the hunt for the Cherry Night and Tag your favorite location.

Week 3 Theme: DoorDash – Enjoy a delightful delivery with DoorDash; make it special and order from the Cherry Pick menu

Week 4 Theme: Sweet Spring – Let the good times roll with a Cherry pie, Cherry donut, or Cherry sorbet

Complete Missions

To earn points, complete missions from the list. Mission types include taking photos or videos, checking in at specific locations, or answering questions and riddles.

There are three types of missions:

  • Photo/video missions – Participants must take a photo or video of a specific dish/object/place or perform a creative task and take a photo or video of it.
  • Text missions – Participants must enter a text or number-based answer to a question.
  • GPS missions – Participants must physically visit a specified location. This will be communicated through the mission description or based on a given clue.  

The Cherry Hunt Experience creator will review all submissions and award bonus points, so put your best feathers forward!

Prizes: Each week, you will have the opportunity to win prizes!

• DoorDash Gift cards ($100 value)

• City Cruise with meal service and one (1) bottle of wine

• Two (2) night hotel stay with breakfast for two and (2) complimentary drinks

• Wine, Cheese & More at District Winery ($150 value)

Grand Prize:
Two (2) night stay at citizenM Washington D.C. NoMa hotel $150 gift card at
canteenM and a $100 gift card to DoorDash (To qualify, you must play the game for four weeks)

Rules and Helpful Information

  • You will be required to enter your email address when you join the game.
    • Emails will be used to contact winners. Your email will not be needed for any other use.
  • No profanity. 
    • This includes your username and recorded answers to the missions.
  • Be family-friendly.
  • Players will play as individuals. 
    • If you plan on playing as a ‘team,’ please only use one account.
  • You may complete the missions in any order each week. 
  • The Cherry Hunt Experience creator can delete submissions as they see fit.
  • Some missions will require you to complete them within the Goosechase app in live time.
    • For example: If a mission asks you to visit the Tidal Basin, you must submit a photo of the Tidal Basin taken on the date. You will not be able to Google a photo of the Tidal Basin and submit it to earn points. 
  • The Goosechase Leaderboard is a fun way to engage with other players but does not reflect the game’s outcome.
  • By playing the game, you acknowledge that your photo and video submissions will be available for other participants to see and for NCBF to promote the game on social media and other channels.
    • Submissions made public are automatically uploaded to the live feed

For any questions about Goosechase or the app, please email them at or directly in the app!

Have any questions about the Cherry Hunt game or prizes, please contact Maya Brown at