By Woojung Lee

During the year 2020, I was trying to be more productive than ever before, but it was quite hard for me to get inspired or get ideas to create something due to all the devastation that the pandemic brings. The only inspiration I could get was from looking outside through my window. One day, I was up until the sun rose and was thinking this is the hope because no matter what happens, the sun will rise every day, nothing can stop the sun from rising. So are our hopes.

This sculpture is located at National Landing.
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Woojung Lee

Fairfax, VA

Woojung Lee is originally from South Korea and is currently majoring in graphic design at Northern Virginia Community College. Her work is inspired by nature in her daily life. Since she did not drive at all, she usually takes a bus or walks. Not driving has been a huge inspiration for her because she can get inspired easily by what she sees and hears like sunlight coming into bus windows, shadows of shaking trees, and the sound of the wind. She likes to be inspired by color from nature and likes to inspire people with her color palette.