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Blossoms on the Mall

By Jaleel Davis

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011 caused devastating damage to the country and people and the tragic loss of nearly 20,000 lives. 

The earthquake may have shaken Japan, but it only strengthened the friendship between Japan and the United States. We remember with profound gratitude our greatest supporters and friends in America who, more than any other country, responded with critical aid and heartfelt messages of hope when we needed it most. Much like the cherry trees along the Tidal Basin—originally a gift from Japan to the U.S. in 1912 and a symbol of renewal—our friendship has continued to grow with every year. 

The blossoms carry a special meaning on this anniversary. The Embassy of Japan is proud to sponsor sculptures that honor our enduring friendship with the U.S. “Blossoms on the Mall” celebrates the unity of two cultures spanning over a century: Japanese cherry trees, bestowed more than 100 years ago, blending in harmony with iconic Washington landmarks to illustrate a rich, joint legacy of alliance. The depiction perfectly depicts the spirit of our present partnership and the lasting ties that we share. This bond between Japan and the U.S. continues to thrive, blossoming evermore from mutual appreciation and commitment into a lifelong Unshakable Friendship. 

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Visit Art in Bloom page maps section to see where this sculpture is located.

Jaleel Davis

Jaleel Davis

Washington, DC

With over 30 years of art experience, Jaleel Davis is a born and raised seasoned Washington D.C. based visual artist. His visual art focuses on customized pieces to include murals, shoes, jackets, various objects, canvas paintings and private art lessons. “I’m a visual artist who finds inspiration everywhere I go. In 1990, Jaleel graduated from Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington D.C. and later completed drawing courses at Corcoran School of the Arts. In 1995 he became a professional firefighter in Arlington Virginia while continuing to perfect his craft and love for art. In 2008 Jaleel was the selected artist to design the logo that is currently used on all fire apparatus in Arlington County Virginia among many other achievements throughout his career. He has designed and painted murals inside several businesses in Washington D.C. His most recent custom mural was painted inside a brand new luxury apartment building in Arlington Virginia.