Chiyogami Compilation

By Peijisan Art

This year marks the 10th anniversary of The Great East Japan Earthquake, which caused devastating damage to the country and people and the tragic loss of nearly 20,000 lives. 

The earthquake may have shaken Japan, but it only strengthened the friendship between Japan and the United States. We remember with profound gratitude our greatest supporters and friends in America who, more than any other country, responded with critical aid and heartfelt messages of hope when we needed it most. Much like the cherry trees along the Tidal Basin—originally a gift from Japan to the U.S. in 1912 and a symbol of renewal—our friendship has continued to grow with every year. 

The blossoms carry a special meaning on this anniversary. The Embassy of Japan is proud to sponsor sculptures that honor our enduring friendship with the U.S. “Chiyogami Compilation” is a vibrant take on blending traditional and modern techniques. Its collage approach celebrates the coming together of two unique cultures into a beautiful partnership and a shared bright future. This bond between Japan and the U.S. continues to thrive, blossoming evermore from mutual appreciation and commitment into a lifelong Unshakable Friendship. 

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Peijisan Art

Gaithersburg, MD

Peijisan Art is a visual artist and instructor from the DC Metro Area. Born and raised in Hyattsville, Maryland – she now resides in Gaithersburg, Maryland where she creates most of her work. She shows her work in galleries all around the DMV area and works with non-profit art organizations to continue to spread her love and knowledge of the arts to the public and inspire the next generation of artists. She helps manage a local art gallery as well as helps with artist social media accounts and consulting. Her work ranges from digital art, to paintings to 10 foot sculptures made entirely of recycled materials. Much of her work has a Japanese aesthetic or inspiration as she studied the language and culture for many years. You may see her murals or origami installations around town or find her teaching origami at various events in the future.