Community Grid

By My Ly & Jaclyn Stallard

“Community Grid encourages conversation and interaction as viewers are invited to identify their own location as well as the placement of monumental landmarks throughout Washington, DC. The design creatively weaves together the diversity of DC as an abstract quilt of the nation’s capital city. The DC city street map is a symbol of strength encompassing a patchwork of colors and neighborhoods that connect communities together. This recognizable and iconic city grid celebrates the coming together of people and purpose in a sacred place at a special time, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.”

Visit Art in Bloom page maps section to see where this sculpture is located.

My Ly & Jaclyn Stallard

Washington, DC

My Ly is a principal artist and founder of My Ly Design, a multidisciplinary practice focused on public art, architecture, urban design and city planning. My has expertise leading and creating all aspects of urban placemaking and community-based developments from her work on public mural art, cultural art, civic, education, mixed-use, residential and corporate office projects. My’s project experience spans from conceptual design to implementation with a core emphasis on sustainable design. Jaclyn Stallard is a community artist and fifteen-year resident of the District of Columbia. With a background in nonprofit sustainability education, she brings a unique perspective and knowledge for creating art that integrates environmental awareness and community education. Jaclyn has diverse creative experience from card-making, watercolor, and stamp printing to leading in-person and virtual art classes for communities of interest.