Crane’s Dance

By Lea Craigie-Marshall

“Crane’s Dance” was greatly inspired by the Japanese cultural belief that cranes are mystical, holy creatures. They are said to bring good fortune and longevity. In Japan, cranes are also fabled to carry souls to heaven. For this reason, I paint my sculpture to honor the over 500,000 souls lost in the United States to Covid-19. My hope is that this work will bring peace to the hearts of people everywhere.

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Lea Craigie-Marshall

Lea Craigie-Marshall

Brunswick, MD

Born in Falls Church, VA, and raised in Washington DC and West Virginia, Lea had the best of both the culture and politics in Washington DC and the natural beauty of the mountains of WV. It is of no surprise that these are important themes of her contemporary artwork today. Lea was also influenced strongly by her mother and grandmothers, each with impressive artistic skills themselves. Lea hopes to evoke unexpected emotions in the viewer with her ingenious use of experimental mediums, and provocative subject matter. Whether a beautiful portrait, mural, sculpture installation or a controversial political/social piece, you will surely walk away inspired.