Happy Dots

By Hiba Alyawer

Sponsored by JBG Smith

Spring is approaching with the blossom of a new season, “Happy Dots” is a reminder that we are coming out of isolation to gather in celebration throughout the city. Using my signature palette of bold vibrant colors, my aim is to create a sense of joy and energy to attract people into a community experience. Bright colors are seen from afar, as playful marks and dots intended to draw in the festival participants to come closer and explore, have fun and immerse themselves in its beauty.

Throughout the 2022 Festival, the sculpture was located at 1550 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA, 22202. The sculpture is currently in storage.

Hiba Alyawer

Sponsored by JBG Smith

Washington, DC

Hiba Alyawer is an Iraqi-American abstract artist, settled in DC eleven years ago by way of Miami. Her art tells the story of a tumultuous past and a passionate present that releases raw emotions upon wall-sized canvases. For Hiba, painting and creating art is meditative and allows her to express and celebrate the colors of her soul. Through much experimentation and exploration of layering acrylic paint; she developed a distinctive style, which she is known for across the globe. Her paintings takes the viewer on a journey to interact with her creations and stimulates their curiosity using her signature palette of vivid, day-glow reminiscent pigments, harmonized with vibrant rich tone, playful markings, and dots that are an expression of her own experiences and moments. Through her work, she hopes to inspire people and awaken their playful inner child with bright colors and joy.