By Aaron Feinstein

This piece is a vibrantly colorful montage of lettering in a wide range of graffiti-esque and other playful fonts echoing the word “HOPE” – a succinct and timely message considering today’s climate of uncertainty and collective angst. As we all face our personal and unique challenges, the word hope was chosen for its simplicity and flexibility of application to whatever context the viewer decides. The design layers shapes, colors, and patterns in close proximity, reminiscent of festivals of previous years where crowds of people of all ages and backgrounds gather to celebrate the beauty of the layered trees and season.

Throughout the 2021 Festival, this sculpture was located at 4th & Crittenden Streets NW. This sculpture is now located at a private residence in Washington, DC.

Aaron Feinstein

Washington, DC

A life-long Washingtonian artist, he started doodling in elementary school during class and still does so during meetings as a fully-fledged adult. His first works to appear publicly were on walls he tagged in various school hallways growing up. He later helped teenagers in Costa Rica cover their high school in murals as a Peace Corps volunteer. Aaron’s artwork is intricate and layered, often taking the form of colorful word montages and geometric patterns. He uses paint markers to make customized canvas and mural work. As a child therapist in DC public schools, he often incorporates art into his practice, encouraging his clients to ease their anxiety and process their experiences through self-expression, much like he has been doing his whole life.