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The Gift

By Patrick Guyton

Silver leaf with oil and water based paints over fiberglass. I wanted to recreate one of the isolated flowers on the 2021 NCBF poster that I made. Focus in on the massive flower as a “GIFT” to the two hummingbirds in circle as well as to all the admirers and blossom gazers of this most beautiful flower.

Visit Art in Bloom page maps section to see where this sculpture is located.

Patrick Guyton

Yorba Linda, CA

Born in Pennsylvania in 1964, Guyton had the groundwork set for his artistic career beginning at the age of 6 under the guidance of his father, Michael Guyton, a local award winning fine and commercial artist and his mother, Anita Guyton, an Interior Designer and miniature (scale) artist. In 1984 he attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied the fine arts, sculpture, and design theory. He graduated with an Associates Degree in Visual Communication. Since moving to Southern California in 1987, he has worked as a fine and commercial artist doing commissions, illustration, murals and signage. In 1997 Guyton joined Linda Jones Enterprises/Warner Bros. as a background artist and cell painter for legendary cartoonist and animator Chuck Jones. During studies and times of experimentation, he combined the 14th Century Kamakura Period in Japanese leafing and the 17th century Flemish Masters technique of glazing to create his Moments in Time series. It was then, in 2008, Guyton was discovered by famed art Publisher David Smith. After seeing Guyton’s works instantly signed Guyton, and established him as one of the most influential artists of the 21st century. Guyton’s ability to design with sophisticated detail brings drama and poetic expression into his work. With his unique vision, he merges mood and atmosphere, evoking powerful emotions that create harmony.