National Japanese American Memorial Foundation

26th Annual National Cherry Blossom Freedom Walk

The 26th Annual National Cherry Blossom Freedom Walk. The Freedom Walk will take place Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 10:00 am (EST). This annual event continues to be an official event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

The National Cherry Blossom Freedom Walk is a historical and cultural event to raise awareness about the Japanese American experience during World War II and to highlight the vigilant role that American citizens must continue to play in preserving the Constitutional rights of all Americans. Built as a lasting tribute to the more than 33,000 Japanese American soldiers who served with great distinction in the U.S. Military, the Memorial also pays homage to the more than 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry unjustly relocated during World War II. It is also a testament to our nation’s greatness that it does not fear acknowledging its mistakes.

Our theme this year is “Activism Matters – intergenerational views on the Japanese American incarceration.” This panel discussion will explore how the experiences of Mary Murakami, who was incarcerated during World War II have been passed down to her daughter, Kimi, and then to her granddaughter, Carolyn. The panel will be moderated by Julie Abo, JACL-DC Chapter board member.

Our program is free to all. Please visit the website at We will continue to update our website with registration and other information.


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