The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade® Broadcast



One of DC’s largest spectator event, National Cherry Blossom Festival was back in-person in 2022! The energy-filled Parade ran for 10 blocks along iconic Constitution Avenue Northwest. Grand colorful helium balloons, elaborate floats, marching bands from across the country, celebrity entertainers, and performers burst down the Parade route in a spectacle of music and showmanship seen only once a year during the Festival!

If you missed the celebration in-person, you can watch the broadcast of the Parade on ABC7 anchored by Azubuike “Ike” Ejiochi of Good Morning America as well as Alison Starling and Robert Burton from local 7News. 7News reporter Eileen Whelan and TV personality Carson Kressley  provided commentary from the street.

Scroll on to take a peek at our 2022 Parade preview!


Health and Safety

In order to ensure the Parade is a fun and safe experience for all attendees, the National Cherry Blossom Festival adheres to local and federal health requirements. Please note that this information is subject to change as the Festival continues to monitor health and safety guidelines.

In compliance with the most recent National Park Service guidelines, masking will not be required for the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade due to low community transmission of COVID-19 in the District of Columbia. We recommend that all eligible attendees be vaccinated against COVID-19 in alignment with CDC recommendations.

Featuring A Pre-Recorded Performance By Nick Carter

Catch the performance of the youngest member of iconic boyband, Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter only on 2022 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade Broadcast! 

Nick Carter’s career highlights include:

  • 8 Time Grammy Nominee
  • 2 Diamond RIAA Awards
  • Multiple American Music Award Winner
  • People’s Choice Award Winner
  • RIAA Gold Awarded Solo Artist
  • 3rd place on Season 4 of “The Masked Singer”
  • 2nd place on Season 21 of “Dancing With The Stars”


ABCErieWJETSaturday4/9 1:00 pm
ABCWashington, DCWJLASaturday4/9 9:00 am LIVE
ABCCharleston, SCWCIV dt 2Saturday4/16 5:00 pm 
CBSWichita FallsKAUZSaturday4/16 12 noon 
CBSYoungstownWKBNSaturday4/16 12 noon 
FOXMedford-Klamath FallsKMVUSaturday4/16 2:00 pm 
FOXPaducahKBSISaturday4/16 12 noon 
FOXRochestr-Mason City-AustinKXLTSaturday4/16 2:00 pm 
FOXSalt LakeKSTUSaturday4/16 3:00 pm 
FOXChattanoogaWTVC dt 2Saturday4/16 5:00 pm 
ABCFlint-Saginaw-Bay CityWJRTSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
ABCHarlingen-WslcoKRGVSunday4/17 12 noon 
ABCMinneapolis-St. PaulKSTPSunday4/17 12 noon 
ABCOttumwa-KirksvilleKTVOSunday4/17 12 noon 
ABCPhiladelphiaWPVISunday4/17 1:30 pm 
ABCRenoKOLOSunday4/17 3:00 pm 
ABCSalisburyWMDTSunday4/17 1:30 pm 
ABCTopekaKTKASunday4/17 12 noon 
ABCWashington, DCWJLASaturday4/17 1:00 pm 
ABCWilmingtonWWAYSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
CBSBaton RougeWAFBSunday4/17 12 noon 
CBSBillingsKTVQSunday4/17 10:00 am 
CBSButteKXLFSunday4/17 10:00 am 
CBSChampaign&SprngWCIASunday4/17 11:00 am 
CBSClarksburg-WestonWDTVSaturday4/17 12 noon 
CBSColorado Springs-PuebloKKTVSunday4/17 11:00 am 
CBSDothanWTVYSunday4/17 12 noon 
CBSDuluth-SuperiorKBJR dt 2Sunday4/17 11:00 am 
CBSFairbanksKXDFSunday4/17 9:00 am 
CBSGreat FallsKRTVSunday4/17 10:00 am 
CBSHelenaKXLHSunday4/17 10:00 am 
CBSMissoulaKPAXSunday4/17 10:00 am 
CWCedar Rapids-WtrloKCRG dt 2Sunday4/17 2:00 pm 
CWOdessa-MidlandKCWOSunday4/17 11:00 am 
FOXBeaumont-Port ArthurKFDM dt 2Sunday4/17 5:00 pm 
FOXBluefield-BeckleyWVNS dt 2Sunday4/17 11:00 am 
FOXBowling GreenWBKO dt 2Sunday4/17 12 noon 
FOXCharleston-HuntingtonWCHS dt 2Sunday4/17 2:00 pm 
FOXClarksburg-WestonWVFXSaturday4/17 2:00 pm 
FOXColumbus-TupeloWLOVSunday4/17 2:00 pm 
FOXGreensboro-H.Point-W.SalemWGHPSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
FOXHattiesburg-LaurelWHPM dt 1Sunday4/17 1:00 pm 
FOXHonoluluKHONSunday4/17 8:00 am 
FOXJonesboroKJNB dt 1Sunday4/17 2:00 pm 
FOXLafayette, INWPBI dt 1Sunday4/17 3:00 om 
FOXMaconWGXASaturday4/17 2:00 pm 
FOXMedford-Klamath FallsKMVUSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
FOXMeridianWGBC dt 1Sunday4/17 1:00 pm 
FOXOklahoma CityKOKISunday4/17 12 noon 
FOXOmahaKPTMSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
FOXSanta BarbraKKFXSunday4/17 10:00 am 
FOXTopekaKTMJSunday4/17 2:00 pm 
FOXWaco-Temple-BryanKWKTSunday4/17 3:00 pm 
FOXWatertownWNYFSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
FOXWheelingWTOV dt 2Sunday4/17 2:00 pm 
FOXYuma-El CentroKECYSunday4/17 9:00 am 
MNTWest Palm Beach-Ft. PierceWTCNSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
NBCNorfolk-PortsmthWAVYSunday4/17 5:00 pm 
NBCTucson (Sierra Vista)KVOASunday4/17 3:00 pm 
NEWSWashington, DCZNWSSunday4/17 8:00 pm 
CBSKnoxvilleWVLTSunday4/17 1:00 pm 
CBSParkersburgWIYESunday4/1712 noon 


CBSFairbanksKXDFSaturday4/23 2:00 pm
CBSLa Crosse-Eau ClaireWKBTSaturday4/23 1:35 am
CWCheyenneKWGNSaturday4/23 2:00 pm
CWDenverKWGNSaturday4/23 2:00 pm
INDCharlotteWAXNSaturday4/23 1:00 pm
MNTAlbuquerque-Santa FeKASYSaturday4/23 4:00 pm
MNTBaton RougeWBXHSaturday4/23 3:00 pm
MNTCedar Rapids-WtrloKCRD dt 3Saturday4/23 1:00 pm
MNTHarrisburgWHPSaturrday4/23 1:00 pm
MNTWilkes Barre-Scranton-HztnWQMYSaturday4/23 6:00 pm
MNTYoungstownWYTV dt 2Saturday4/23 5:00 pm
NBCCharleston-HuntingtonWSAZSaturday4/23 11:00 am
CBSAlexandria, LAKALB dt 2Saturday4/24 12 noon
CBSAugusta-AikenWRDWSunday4/24 12 noon
CBSNashvilleWTVFSunday4/24 11:00 am
CBSTallahassee-ThomasvilleWCTVSunday4/24 12 noon
CBSTampa-St. Pete (Sarasota)WTSPSunday4/24 12 noon
FOXOmahaKPTMSunday4/24 12:30 pm
FOXPittsburghWPGHSunday4/24 12 noon
FOXTopekaKTMJSunday4/24 12 noon
NBCAustinKXANSunday4/24 12 noon
NBCCasperKCWYSunday4/24 11:00 am
NBCFairbanksKTVFSunday4/24 9:00 am
NBCJackson, TNWNBJSunday4/24 12 noon
NBCKansas CityKSHBSunday4/24 11:00 am
NBCLake CharlesKPLCSunday4/24 12 noon
NBCPeoriaWEEKSunday4/24 12 noon
NBCProvidence-New BedfordWJARSunday4/24 12:30 pm
NBCSpringfield-HolyokeWWLPSunday4/24 12 noon
NBCTraverse CityWPBNSunday4/24 12 noon
NBCWheelingWTOVSunday4/24 1:00 pm


ABCCedar Rapids-WtrloKCRGSaturday4/29 3:00 am
ABCCharleston, SCWCIV dt 2Saturday4/30 5:00 pm
CWGreenvll-Spart-Ashevll-AndWYCWSaturday4/30 3:00 pm
FOXColumbus-TupeloWLOVSaturday4/30 11:00 am
MNTDavenport-R.Island-MolineWQAD dt 2Saturday4/30 2:00 pm
MNTHarrisburgWHP dt 2Saturday4/30 1:00 pm
NBCFairbanksKTVFSaturday4/30 2:00 pm
FOXTulsaKOKISaturday4/30 2:00 pm
CBSIdaho FallsKIDKSunday5/1 11:00 am
ABCGreenville-N.BernWCTISunday5/1 11:30 am
CBSLincoln & Hastings-KrnyKOLN KGINSunday5/1 11:00 am
CBSNorth PlatteKNPLSunday5/1 11:00 am
CBSPortland, ORKOINSunday5/1 10:00 am
CBSQuincyKHQASunday5/1 12 noon
CBSRapid CityKCLOSunday5/1 10:00 am
CBSSioux Falls(Mitchell)KELOSunday5/1 11:00 am
FOXBeaumont-Port ArthurKFDM dt 2Sunday5/1 3:00 pm
FOXPittsburghWPGHSunday5/1 6:00 pm
FOXSacramnto-StktonKTXLSunday5/1 6:00 pm
MNTWilkes Barre-Scranton-HztnWQMYSunday5/1 2:00 pm
FOXPalm SpringsKDFXSunday5/1 11:00 am
FOXShreveportKMSSSunday5/1 3:00 pm
NBCMobile- PensacolaWPMISunday5/1 7:00 pm


ABCEvansvilleWEHTSaturday5/7 11:00 am
CBSFt. Myers-NaplesWINKSaturday5/7 12 noon
CBSGrand JunctionKREXSaturday5/7 10:00 am
CBSSeattleKIROSaturday5/7 3:00 pm
CWLexingtonWKYTSaturday5/7 7:00 pm
FOXCharleston-HuntingtonWCHS dt 2Saturday5/7 4:00 pm
FOXMonroe-El DoradoKARDSaturday5/7 3:00 pm
MNTLimaWTLWSaturday5/7 10:00 am
FOXBurlingtonWFFFSaturday5/7 7:00 pm
ABCLansingWLAJSunday5/8 12:30 pm
ABCLos AngelesKABC dt 2Sunday5/8 9:00 am
ABCWausau-RhinelanderWAOWSunday5/8 12 noon
CBSFairbanksKXDFSunday5/8 3:00 pm
CBSFt. WayneWANESunday5/8 12 noon
CBSLubbockKLBKSunday5/8 11:00 am
CBSMankatoKEYCSunday5/8 11:00 am
CBSMiami-Ft. LauderdaleWFORSunday5/8 12 noon
CBSOttumwa-KirksvilleKTVO dt 2Sunday5/8 11:00 am
CBSRoanoke-LynchburgWDBJSunday5/8 12 noon
CWJacksonvilleWCWJSunday5/8 4:00 pm
CWSpringfield-HolyokeWWLP dt 2Sunday5/8 5:30 am
FOXAmarilloKCPNSunday5/8 1:30 pm
FOXBaltimoreWBFFSunday5/8 5:00 pm
FOXBostonWFXTSunday5/8 5:00 pm
FOXBuffaloWUTVSunday5/8 12 noon
FOXColumbia, SCWACHSunday5/8 3:00 pm
FOXGreen Bay-AppletonWLUKSunday5/8 2:30 pm
FOXHonoluluKHONSunday5/8 12 noon
FOXMemphisWHBQSunday5/8 4:00 pm
FOXMinotKFYR dt 2Sunday5/8 4:00 pm
FOXOklahoma CityKOKISunday5/8 3:00 pm
FOXRichmond-PetersburgWRLHSunday5/8 12 noon
FOXRochester, NYWUHFSunday5/8 6:00 pm
FOXSalt LakeKSTUSunday5/8 11:00 am
FOXWaco-Temple-BryanKWKTSunday5/8 3:00 pm
FOXYuma-El CentroKECYSunday5/8 9:00 am
INDGlendiveK11IADSunday5/8 1:00 pm
INDGlendiveK26NSDSunday5/8 1:00 pm
NBCJoplin-PittsburgKSNFSunday5/8 11:00 am
SPTHoustonKTBUSunday5/8 6:00 pm
ABCLaredoKGNS dt 2Sunday5/8 4:00 am


INDDallas-Ft. WorthKATASunday5/9 1:00 pm
CABSan DiegoSD CableSunday5/9 12 noon
INDPhoenixK25DHDSunday5/9 1:00 pm
INDPhoenixK14NADSunday5/9 1:00 pm
INDPhoenixK12OFDSunday5/9 1:00 pm
INDPhoenixK25MGDSunday5/9 1:00 pm
INDSeattleKUSESunday5/9 1:00 pm
INDCleveland-AkronWNHOTuesday5/10 6:00 pm
ABCAtlantaWSBSaturday5/14 5:00 pm
ABCCharleston-HuntingtonWCHSSaturday5/14 5:00 pm
ABCDavenport-R.Island-MolineWQADSaturday5/14 4:00 pm
ABCFt. Smith-Fay-Sprngdl-RgrsKHBS KHOGSaturday5/14 12 noon
ABCGrand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.CrkWZZMSaturday5/14 1:00 pm
ABCNew YorkWABCSaturday5/14 1:00 pm
ABCOttumwa-KirksvilleKTVOSaturday5/14 4:00 pm
ABCSanta BarbraKEYTSaturday5/14 10:00 am
CWEvansvilleWTVWSaturday5/14 4:00 pm
FOXColumbus, OHWSYX dt 2Saturday5/14 5:00 pm
ABCHartford & New HavenWTNHSunday5/15 1:00 pm
ABCLouisvilleWHASSunday5/15 2:00 pm
ABCPortland-AuburnWMTWSunday5/15 3:00 pm
ABCRaleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle)WTVDSunday5/15 12 noon
ABCSioux CityKCAUSunday5/15 11:30 am
ABCSpokaneKXLYSunday5/15 11:00 am
ABCSpokaneKVEWSunday5/15 11:00 am
ABCSpringfield, MOKSPRSunday5/15 1:00 pm
ABCSyracuseWSYRSunday5/15 1:00 pm
ABCToledoWTVGSunday5/15 1:00 pm
ABCWausau-RhinelanderWAOWSunday5/15 12:30 pm
ABCYakimaKAPPSunday5/15 11:00 am
CBSLincoln & Hastings-KrnyKOLN KGINSunday5/15 11:00 am
CBSNorth PlatteKNPLSunday5/15 11:00 am
FOXBiloxi-GulfportWXXVSunday5/15 5:00 pm
MNTRoanoke-LynchburgWZBJSunday5/15 8:00 am


ABCDetroitWXYZSaturday5/21 5:00 pm
ABCLafayette, LAKATCSaturday5/21 12 noon
ABCQuincyKHQA dt 2Saturday5/21 4:00 pm
ABCTampa-St. Pete (Sarasota)WWSBSaturday5/21 1:00 pm
ABCWausau-RhinelanderWAOWSaturday5/21 4:00 pm
CWNew OrleansWNOLSaturday5/21 3:00 pm
FOXMinotKFYR dt 2Sunday5/22 12:30 pm
MNTChampaign&SprngWCIXSunday5/22 11:00 am
ABCJohnstownWATMSunday5/22 1:00 pm


CWLas VegasKVCWSaturday5/28 4:00 pm
FOXGrand JunctionKFQXSaturday5/28 2:30 pm
MNTLittle Rock-Pine BluffKARZSaturday5/28 4:00 pm
CBSCincinnatiWKRCSaturday5/28 1:00 pm
MNTAlbany-Schenectady-TroyWNYASunday5/29 2:00 pm
MNTOdessa-MidlandKWWTSunday5/29 10:00 am
FOXDaytonWKEF dt 2Sunday5/29 2:00 pm


CBSMadisonWISCMonday5/30 6:00 am
INDMadisonTVWMonday5/30 8:00 am
ABCCharleston-HuntingtonWCHSSaturday6/4 5:00 pm
FOXMonroe-El DoradoKARDSaturday6/4 3:00 pm
FOXWichita-Hutchinson PlusKSASSaturday6/4 12 noon
INDOrlando-DaytonaWRDQSaturday6/4 3:00 pm
ABCMinneapolis-St. PaulKSTPSunday6/5 1:30 am
FOXCorpus ChristiKSCCSunday6/5 2:00 pm
FOXSavannahWTGSSunday6/5 3:00 pm
NBCSan AntonioWOAISunday6/5 1:00 pm


FOXBakersfieldKBFXSaturday6/11 2:00 pm
FOXDes Moines-AmesKDSMSaturday6/11 7:00 pm
FOXFresno-VisaliaKMPHSaturday6/11 2:00 pm
FOXHonoluluKHONSaturday6/11 7:00 pm
CBSOttumwa-KirksvilleKTVO dt 2Sunday6/12 11:00 am
FOXMinotKFYR dt 2Sunday6/12 12 noon


ABCLas VegasKTNVSaturday6/18 3:00 pm
ABCOrlando-DaytonaWFTVSaturday6/18 5:00 pm
CWLas VegasKVCWSaturday6/18 5:00 pm
FOXOklahoma CityKOKISaturday6/18 4:00 am
ABCOttumwa-KirksvilleKTVOSunday6/19 4:00 pm


ABCHartford & New HavenWTNHSaturday6/25 5:00 pm
CBSFairbanksKXDFSunday6/26 3:00 pm





What began with a gift in 1912 at the Tidal Basin is now a four-week extravaganza spanning Washington, DC, and neighboring communities in Maryland and Virginia. Click the filters on our interactive map to see all that the Festival has to offer and craft a tailored experience as you Rediscover Spring. From exciting events to convenient hotels, delectable Cherry Picks restaurants to vibrant Art in Bloom installations, and a jaw-dropping City in Bloom to joyful Petal Porches, see the Washington, DC area as you can only see it once a year!