Planet Word Museum

Wishing Tree

Visitors of Planet Word will be invited to participate in the ‘Wishing Tree’ for the duration of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Over time, a large cherry blossom tree will begin to form with hundreds of pink paper petals. Guests will select a poem from our collection of poetry, write it on a slip of paper, and place it inside an origami paper petal ‘pocket’ that is adhered to the branches of the cherry blossom tree. At the end of the festival, the petals will be passed on to visitors in the museum as a symbol of friendship.


What began with a gift in 1912 at the Tidal Basin is now a four-week extravaganza spanning Washington, DC, and neighboring communities in Maryland and Virginia. From exciting events to convenient hotels, delectable Cherry Picks restaurants, vibrant Art in Bloom installations, and a jaw-dropping City in Bloom to joyful Petal Porches, see the Washington, DC area as you can only see it once a year!